Navigation and Tire Monitoring Systems

  • Navigation. A lot of car accidents can be cause by the simple fact that a driver does not know where they are and this adds panic to a situation. It’s also true that a lot of needless worsening of serious injuries and deaths are added to by collisions that are not reported. Navigation systems help reduce the instance of both of these things. The most popular GPS navigation system is OnStar, a General Motors invention that comes with MapQuest and is installed on quite a few newer cars like Lexus and Volkswagen. OnStar and its companions come with things like GPS technology that allows for MapQuest to give you directions, unlock doors from a distance, figure out where your car is if it’s stolen, and help 911 find you if you get into an accident or something else serious happens.
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems. These are so easy to deal with, just as easy as knowing when to change the oil for your car. All you have to do is look for the little light. When the warning light comes on, get the pressure of your tires checked. Tire pressure monitoring systems are a relatively new addition, though as quickly as they’ve arrived they have become law, and the federal government says that all cars coming out in 2009 have to come with this safety feature. Considering that so many accidents are caused by tire blow outs that could have been avoided by proper monitoring, they are very useful.

Don’t think of it as an insult that most cars these days are built against you. Ninety five percent of all traffic accidents are the result of a person’s mistake, according to the Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With all of these safety features on newer, and even on some older cars, however, we’re more and more able to protect ourselves from ourselves.


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