New Brake Pads Feel Funny

After my mechanic replaced the pads on the front brakes of my Pontiac Sunfire, the brakes feel different. They used to be tigher and more sensitive. Now, I have to push the pedal further to the floor to get the same braking action. Is this normal?

Thank you.

Hey Mike

It is not abnormal to have a softer brake pedal immediately after brake pad replacement. Some brake pad materials are softer than others .to help reduce noise issues. You really should not have to push much harder, but the pedal might feel softer and not as hard as before.

If the mechanic bled the brake system (usually you don t have to bleed .or flush the brake fluid system when doing a front brake pad replacement) you might want to ask them to bleed the system again as there might still be air in the system causing the lower than normal brake pedal. If the red brake warning light comes on the dash, obviously there is a problem.

Austin Davis

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