New Brakes Only Work Sometimes

I have a  Dodge Caravan. My brother changed the rear brakes about 9 days ago. Before that, I did not have the problem I’m about to describe nor did I have it during the past 9 days until today. The only thing he told me about my brakes other than they needed changing was that on one side the pad was “crystallized” ?? and coming apart from being possibly overheated???

Otherwise, he changed them and one of the adjusters was on in reverse and he fixed that. He did not tell me if he bled them or not and I’ve not been able to reach him as of yet today to find out. What it’s doing: I backed downhill out of my driveway..they worked fine. I drove approx. one mile down the road to the stop sign..pushed the pedal once and seemed to be fine.

Let off and pushed it again and it went straight to the floor. I don’t know if it would have stopped eventually at the bottom or not because I immediately started pumping the pedal and got my brakes back. I proceeded less than a half a mile further, did a u-turn, went back to the 4 way stop and came back home. Every other time, they worked correctly and every other time I had to pump them. I checked my master cylinder and it is full of fluid.


Hey there friend I’m a little concerned with the self adjuster situation. You CAN mistakenly put the left adjuster on the right side .and it will actually un-adjust the rear brakes. So, if you did not have this problem before, and he did do something with the adjusters, my guess is that he has the rear adjusters on backwards and he needs to put them back like they were. There is a left and a right side adjuster, and they should be marked as to which side of the vehicle they belong on.


Austin C. Davis

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