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New Car with Free Insurance

Despite the numerous remarkable enticements that car dealers employ for every new car purchased, the sales remained to be slow-moving. New car buyers used to be contented with rebates, 0% interest rates on financing, and free gas as add-ons. Due to poor sales despite those gratuities, car companies are now offering more in the form of free insurance coverage for one year.

This free insurance promo is like putting more icing on a cake, and is proven as one of the successful lures to the folks who are planning to purchase a new sedan. Those free insurance incentives along with the regular incentives attract more buyers who are becoming more concerned on the value they are getting for their hard-earned bucks.

Some companies even offer free insurance coverage for two years especially for bigger trucks and some specific car models. That’s a lot better deal than other bonuses like free oil change or gas-up for free. Car insurance is most costly than those mentioned incentives and the policy is very essential before you get your new car running.

Now it is easier to get your dream car while saving some money. Just make sure you understand how insurance works and how the coverage usually costs. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to determine that you are already being charged exorbitant cost for vehicle insurance. Therefore, you are not getting free insurance after all. The cost of the entire policy might be hidden as add-ons to the market value of the new sedan you are purchasing.

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