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New Jersey Auto InsuranceIf you live in NJ, you are probably having a very HARD time finding affordable auto insurance… right? So take just a few minutes now and try my source for very affordable rates in the state of New Jersey.

Jersey readers after I wrote an article about how to deal with an insurance company after an auto accident. I was surprised to find out that auto insurance is not only harder to get but costs much more in NJ than any other state.

What is wrong with you guys (ya’ll…I’m from Texas) are you that bad of drivers? I did some research on the subject , and found a lot of insurers that would not or did not sell auto insurance in your state… shame shame!

There are still many companies you can get quotes from and you should get quotes from as many as you can so you KNOW what your are buying and what your coverage options really are.

I wrote an article about getting the cheapest auto insurance and I suggest you read that article now.

I thought this was kinda funny, but then again VERY VERY nit picky as well. The requirments your insurance CARD must have…seriously, the CARD? Check it out from taken from the NY Insurance Commission website

Required documents
Your insurance company must give you a New Jersey Insurance Identification Card for each vehicle under your policy. N.J.S.A. 39:3-29. Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 39:3-29.1 and N.J.A.C. 11:3-6.1, New Jersey insurance identification cards must meet the following specifications:

The dimensions of the card must be between three inches by five inches and five and a half inches by eight and a half inches;

The white cardstock must be at least 20 lbs in weight; and

The front of the card must contain the insurance company’s name, the insured’s name and address, the policy number, effective date, expiration date, vehicle description (make, model and VIN), the heading “State of New Jersey Insurance Identification Card,” the insurance company code, and the name and address of the insurance company or the office or agency issuing the identification card. The reverse of the card shall include the address established by the insurer for the filing of notification of the commencement of medical treatment by treating medical providers.

You are required to carry these three types of auto insurance coverage.

  1. Liability insurance
  2. Personal injury protection (PIP)
  3. Uninsured motorist coverage

Looks like you guys might be able to save a little money (about 10%) by taking a driver training course like this one in the video.

I know your insurance rates in New Jersey are higher than the rest of the country, but driving without car insurance in NJ is pretty darn expensive as well. Take a look at the fines and penalties you guys have.

I wish I could help you more with lowering your rates, please take a minute and read my article I linked to at the beginning of this one. It WILL help you make a better decision on buying car insurance and getting a better rate with the coverage you need to have.

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