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Nissan Maxima A/C Freon Leak

Dear Austin,

I have a Nissan Maxima and the a/c stopped working after using the heater for a day. The compressor turns on but it blows out warm air. Checked the pressure and it was low on freon, refilled it with freon and it cooled for 2 days. Could it be an A/C leak?


Hey Miguel,

Yes, if you added Freon to the system and it cooled for a few days, and then started blowing hot or warm air again, I would check the Freon level again to see if it is low again.  If it is low, you have a leak and a pretty large leak at that to only last 2-3 days.
You need to get a Freon Leak Test done to determine where the leak is.  Freon is a non visible gas, so you won’t see it leaking out like you would antifreeze from the radiator.


Austin Davis

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