Nissan Won’t Start – Why?


I have a Nissan w/ 177k miles and about nine months ago I popped in and it would not start. I caught me off guard because this had never happened before, lights came on … and something said press the brake and gas … golly, it started.

I immediately took it to the repair shop, they performed a diagnosis and replied they could find nothing wrong. A few weeks passed and I experienced the same thing, no start, but power on. Returned to repairman, they performed another diagnosis, and once again the responded by saying there were no problems with anything … starter was fine.

Fast forward, three months ago the problem had escalated. The method used previously when the vehicle would not start, didn’t work … so me being the analytical type, decided to make sure the vehicle was fully in park. I turned the ignition key, placed the gear in reverse, then returned back to park … hmm, attempted to start and it did. I had another diagnosis performed and still, they tell me there is no problem. What can it be?


Thoroughly confused

Hi there “confused”

My first thought is a weak battery and or a bad/dirty connection at the battery cables. If this is the original battery (certainly it is not…) I would replace it regardless. I would double check the battery cable connections; they should be totally clean of corrosion and TIGHT. You should not be able to wiggle the cable connections at the battery with your hands. I

I would probably lean more to a intermittent starter motor if the above items check out ok. Catching the starter in the “failed” position will be tough, and you might just have to replace it as an educated guess. I would not be surprised to see problems with the starter with this many miles anyway….so it is probably time for a new one regardless. The starter has performed its job MANY times over those 177K miles.

These intermittent no start problems can be tricky to diagnosis, and usually have to be in “failed” mode to diagnose. I just answered a similar question the other day; you might find some helpful information in what I told her, especially the link to the other article within the article..

Here is the link Jeep Wrangler Will Not Start Sometimes


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  • 99quester

    i found that the mor junk u hav on the key ring, the problems will persist! i found this out ons mies 2002 exploder. the junk cancels the memorie at the key. there is a recalibration sequence for u r nissan its on the net. look for it. l.o.l.