No-fault car accidents and car insurance coverage

Reader question:

If I don’t have car insurance, and I get in an accident, but it’s completely the other person’s fault, do they pay for my repairs and injuries and all that?


Yes, assuming they have insurance themselves.

This is a risky game to play, and the best idea is to get yourself insured as quickly as possible. Assuming you get in an accident that is not your fault, and the other driver is insured, you will be covered. However, consider the fact that most accidents will need a police report to be filed, and if the police show up you will probably have to show your proof of insurance. If you don’t have this, you’ll end up with a ticket, and that will probably cost a lot more than that month’s car insurance premium payment would have. You don’t want to mess up your driving record and risk losing your license just because you couldn’t get car insurance.

If you do get in an accident that is not your fault at all, the other person’s insurance will cover you. However, you do not want to count on your own driving skills so much as to be certain that if you ever get into an accident it won’t be your fault, because what happens if it is? And, even if you get into an accident, what will you do if it was partially your fault? If it was partially your fault, the other driver’s insurance company will cover their damages, and will only cover some of yours if that person happens to have uninsured motorist coverage. This is a type of coverage that is required in some states, but not in all, so you shouldn’t count on it.


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    Some states impose heavy fines if they caught you driving without car insurance. Get car insurance now! :)