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No Power on Acceleration

Every time I press the gas on my BMW 318i it loses power. What could be the problem?


Hi Tori,

Here are few things come to mind and I would inspect if you were at my shop:

1. Test for a lack of fuel pressure from the fuel pump, weak fuel pump, or a restricted fuel filter- will require a fuel pressure gauge to test pressure.

2. Verify there isn’t a restriction in the exhaust system not allowing the exhaust to vent thus chocking the engine.

3. Perform a tune up, especially checking for engine misfire, bad spark plugs, and/or faulty spark plug wires.

4. Look and listen for a vacuum leak under the hood, which will cause a hissing noise, or a rubber vacuum hose that has come loose or broken.

5. Investigate to rule out a sensor or computer issue, which will require a mechanic and a scanning tool.


Austin Davis

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