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Noise in 4 Wheel Drive Gear

I have Dodge Dakota 4.7L. The last snow we had I went to use 4 wheel drive and got some grinding from the forward differential. I went to the first garage I could find put it on a lift and checked the fluid. It was about 1/2 quart low.

After adding fluid, the grinding stopped but now there is a squeal almost like a loose belt. I can’t tell if its coming from the transfer case or the forward differential. Have you had this experience before, or does it even make sense?

The squeal occurs loudly under acceleration, not so much when cruising and then comes back slowing and braking. Any thought would be appreciated. Thanks, Tim


Howdy Tim

I am afraid you got me on that one….without listening to it myself. Are you sure this noise is not coming from the fan belt? Maybe you can take the belt off and see if the noise goes away…sometimes locating and pinpointing noises can be tricky! The belt would also squeal louder under heavy acceleration. You might want to at least rule that out before you went any farther.

You might also want to post this on my free car forum board to see if anyone has experienced this issue before.


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