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Where can you buy non-owners auto insurance coverage? I don’t own a car yet, and I am on a really tight budget so I need something affordable but still with good coverage. Do I need a bond?

Allen, From Houston TX


Hey there Allen,

In Texas you can buy one from the internet anytime. There is no need for a Bond. Anyway, you will not need a bond to get non owner coverage. The Law in Texas gives you the opportunity to file a bond or to purchase auto insurance with the minimum requirements stated that must in both ways comply with the state’s financial responsibility requirements. The umbrella policy discussed below will be the opinion if you already have other insurance coverage in the property or casualty time.

They could be purchased from most insurance companies that issue non-standard policies. You can always talk to your agent about the umbrella policy.

If you are self-employed you can purchase a commercial liability policy and most of them are with the opinion to add non-owned auto coverage.
As a property and casualty agent I sell non-owner’s policies thought GMAC Insurance. It is like liability but is cheaper.

With non-owners coverage you cover with the liability for what you do to the others, if you get in anyone’s car, a rental car or any car that you do not own. If you have a DWI on record the state will not give you back your record in case you have a proof of an official one.

You have responsibility when you have an insurance will pay to you what you do to the others when you run on them with an auto. The state allows you to cover what you are liable for if you are at fault driving any vehicle. There are only two things that can be done to me when you run into me with a car.

And these are bodily injured or property damage. The bodily injured could be medical bills, therapy, wooden leg cost and pain and suffering. The property damage in the car that you hit, the bridge rail, store front or anything else that was not a body and got smashed into the accident. You only have to carry a little about each area. There is a minimum liability for each state.

If you go to an independent agent, he will require an assigned risk program which means that they will have to cover it through a states assigned risk plan and the states will set dollar rates even if they do not want. Every agent in every state that I know will have to offer to write you with the assigned risk plan if you request it. The independent agents usually have five or more auto companies that they can run through including states assigned risk plan.

If you call to an agent in your area you will get the best deals to meet the states requirements no matter of your record. If they treat you in a way that makes you feel bad, or like a criminal get up in the middle of whatever they are telling you and politely find another one.

If they refuse you an assigned risk plan then call the state board of insurance and you can file a complaint. The best consumers are the ones that are most helped when they needed it and 23 years later I still have 92% of them and their grown up kids.

When you get the non-owners insurance you can call the agent later when you buy the car so he can change it to the owner’s policy. And you should not ask for commercial non-owners. It is for the business that has to be used borrowed, rented or employee’s car/truck on a company job or in connection with the business. The agent to whom you will talk will know what you need.

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