Normal Engine Temperature?

The coolant gauge stays around 200 when I m driving, but when I am waiting in lines etc. it goes up to about 215. Is this normal? The car has 2,000 miles to go before a gm certified warranty runs out. I would like to get this taken care of if it is a problem.

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That is probably normal. The thermostat on that engine is set to operate at 210 degrees, so when the temp reaches 210, the thermostat opens and antifreeze is circulated through out the cooling system.

What I would look at just to be on the safe side of things.

1. Make sure the radiator is full of green antifreeze look inside the radiator not just in plastic overflow bottle (check while cold)

2. Make sure the electric cooling fans are working they are up front near the radiator. You probably have two fans, at least one fan should be on when the a/c compressor is on, and one fan will cycle on and off as the engine heats up. If you only have one fan, make sure it works with the a/c on, and when the temperature gauge reaches the 215 mark you are concerned about.

So, pop open the hood, leave the a/c OFF, and let the vehicle run at idle for 5 minutes or so and make sure the electric fan comes on by itself. If the temp gauge is at 215 and the fan has not come on, you might want to get the mechanic to look at it. If the fan comes on for awhile then goes off as the temperature drops, things are working normally.

You should also turn the a/c ON, and make sure the electric fan comes on if not there is a problem and it should be looked at. The a/c will not be very cold at idle and low speeds if the electric fan near the radiator is not on.


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