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Should I get OEM or aftermarket when getting my car repaired with my settlement money?


Glad you asked.

It’s complex enough going throug the claims process while being without a car and having to deal with getting to work and other functions with a rental car or with the help of other people, but once you get your settlement money? It’s not over yet. That’s right, there are still more decisions for you to make, and the process will not really be over until you have the keys back in your hand. Now it’s time for you to get your car repaired, and maybe you have found a mechanic, but now you need to decide if they should use OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer) or aftermarket ones.

However, the difference between OEM parts and aftermarket parts isn’t a big one, so this isn’t something that you should worry about. The car insurance companies naturally prefer the aftermarket parts because they’re cheaper, and they’re generally just as good as the parts made by the manufacturer. In fact, the truth is that it’s often the case that the OEM and aftermarket parts are made in the same factories by the same people.

However, if you want OEM parts instead, you do have that choice. Your insurance company can’t make you get aftermarket. Some insurance companies even encourage their customers to get OEM parts, and don’t charge extra for doing so. If you want to get them with most insurance companies, though, you will usually have to pay a penalty.


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