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Oil Leaking From My Head Gasket?

Hi, I have a oil leak at the back of the motor I took it to my repairer he said I had a head gasket leak the head would have to come off to fix do you think this is right as I am not having problems with overheating or coolant loss.
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Hey there Steve

I have seen similar issues where there is an oil leak and no coolant or overheating issues are taking place, although rare. I am not that familiar with this engine off the top of my head, but I would definitely get another opinion from another mechanic before I pull the head on this engine.

If I DID pull the head, I would probably send it out to a machine shop and have them do a valve job on it while it was off the vehicle….just as preventive maintenance.

I would also re-torque all head and valve cover bolts just to make sure nothing has worked its way loose over the years. Oil leaks can run down from the back of the valve cover and APPEAR to be coming from the head. I always start by cleaning the engine area of all oil and watch for the oil to re-appear before I jump to conclusions.

Using thicker weight engine oil, adding a can of stop leak oil additive and making sure the PCV system is working properly can sometimes have dramatic reduction in oil loss.

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