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Oil Leaking From Rear Main Bearing Seal

I have a Dodge Caravan. I had a little oil leak and took it in. Was told that I need a new gasket. So I had the gasket replaced. I got home and the little leak turned into a puddle. I took the car back to the mechanic and they said that the oil pan had been bent and fixed it at no charge but that I need a rear main seal that didn t cost that much but labor would be $600.00. I don not have $600.00 that I can sink into this car and don t have the means to buy a used car either

I asked another mechanic and he said that sounded right but with 86000 miles on the car it was risky to replace because the pressure would build up and another gasket could start to leak. What do you suggest I do? I don t trust car guys a whole lot because in the past I have not had very good luck with them. I think because I m a girl they think we don t know what we are talking about. As a matter of fact when I took the car back the second time the guy looked at me like I was stupid.

Thank you so much for your time.


Yo Timie,

So you had a gasket replaced, and I am assuming it was the oil pan gasket. Correct? Then you get home and it is leaking WORSE than before you had the oil pan gasket replaced? If so, your mechanic probably either bent the oil pan and the gasket is not sealing against the engine properly, or they misdiagnosed the problem in the first place, and the Rear Main Seal was the culprit all along .but I doubt it, I m betting they installed the oil pan incorrectly OR did something to the oil pan that is causing the leak.

The price for the rear seal seams in line, but WHY would you pay it if you have a larger leak NOW than before. I like the part where you say they FIXED your oil pan at no charge ..ya, they fixed it alright, fixed it to leak and charge you MORE! Get these guys to fix their problem, or run to another reputable shop and pay them to fix it for you.

When you have an oil leak, you should also service or replace the PCV valve, which helps remove excess compression inside the engine and reduces the chances of pressure build up on the rest of the oil seals.

Keep me posted.


Austin Davis

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  • Dave

    It is very hard to find anything on the web that will describe step by step how to change a rear main oil seal in general.

    I myself am going to replace a rear main oil seal on a 1962 chevy impala. Now I have a good Idea what to do but it would be nice to have some pictures and a little talk through. I found good info on it was exactly what I was looking for only it was a seal for a chevy truck. The seal in that case was in two haves and the guy just had to drop the oil pan, inspection plate from the tranny the starting motor and a few other small items.
    Now I do not know if the rear seal on this Chevy is in one piece as in a round cirle seal where I would have to take the tranny apart from the engine to get to it. Or would it be similar to the chevy truck.

    Any advice at all would be breat before I take on my new adventure.

    Thanks very much for your time
    V/R Dave