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Oil Light On At Low Speed

So my oil light is coming on at low RPMs and idle. i just bought the car and there was a small tick, and now the light is doing what its doing. Do you know what I can do to check it out?


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The first thing to do is check the engine oil level and top off with oil if it is low. If the oil level is good, get your mechanic to hook up a manual oil pressure gauge to the engine itself and bypass the dash gauge. Unfortunately, if you have a ticking noise, and low oil pressure at idle speed….you probably have some internal engine wear/damage that is causing this.

You might just have a bad engine oil sending unit, which tells the dash gauge what the oil pressure is. the sending unit is cheap and easy to install if you want to just guess at it and replace it. You can buy it from any auto parts store.

You can try using thicker weight engine oil like Castrol’s 40 weight and add a can of Engine Restore oil additive that you can get at any auto parts store. You will need to add a can of this additive after each oil change. If the thicker oil and the additive dont help….the engine will need some internal repairs which will be costly.


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