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Austin Davis here, owner and webmaster of this site and ex-auto repair shop owner. I get over 20 emails a day from visitors trying to repair their car themselves. They tried to do the repair without the proper information… and now they are stuck!
Everyone has the capability to repair their own car and save a HUGE amount of money but if you are not equipped with the proper tools and education you will probably fail.

I use Alldata in my 23 bay repair shop, and if you work on your car
….you should too.

Why Alldata is better than the others?

  • Super easy to use – anyone can use it!
  • Access online NOW – don’t have to wait for CD’s to mail
  • Always free updates
  • Great wiring diagrams and illustrations
  • Step by step diagnostic charts to quickly diagnose and repair
  • Large database of TSB’s – Technical Service Bulletins (This is What the dealerships use – it’s AWESOME)
  • Large database of recall information
  • OEM part number interchange and part number look up
  • Great maintenance schedules and reminders
  • Perfect for novice or trained mechanics
  • It’s CHEAP!!!!!

You came to a great place! You are only minutes from owning the most comprehensive, easy to use, and economical auto repair manual available. If you are looking for Chilton, Motor . Mitchell or Haynes auto repair manuals……..don’t go anywhere, take 1 minute and read what I have to say.

Alldata car repair manuals
 Alldata,  my favorite, and used by most professional mechanics!   Their product in my opinion is the only complete online auto repair manuals available on the Internet.

It contains recall information, technical service bulletins, OEM part number interchange, great illustrations and wiring diagrams, and a very powerful diagnostic database to properly repair your car problem fast and easy. What is the price of this great service? About that of one oil change…..less than you expected right?

To repair today’s vehicles you must have the proper diagnostic information.  Most hard bound paper back manuals can cost $50-75 bucks!  Alldata is half that and better too!

With hard bound paper back books…pages tear, get grease on them or end up missing.  Not with Alldata, everything is online,  print out what you need then throw it away when you are finished with the job.

In my shop we have a huge diagnostic library filled with technical service bulletins and recall data.  This library is not only super expensive but has to be updated each year.

I don’t think I can find one of these books with a complete set of pages.  Pages tend to end up at my mechanic’s house’s for weekend projects etc..

My point is, why buy expensive hard bound books and have to store them, take care of them and update them.  Having EVERYTHING you need online makes much more sense doesn’t it?

Half the price, updated consistently so you are never have out of date data, you print only the pages you need when you need them, and they have better pictures and illustrations than the competition .

Trust me, you will like them better than traditional automotive manuals.

Austin Davis

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Austin Davis, consumer car repair advocate. "Hi there! I love to help people solve their car repair problems and I hope my site was helpful to you today. Thank you for stopping by."
  • Austin Davis

    You are very welcome Gary, have a great day.

  • Gary

    This site has been very helpful to me, thank you so much Austin for your time.

  • Austin Davis


    So this noise is coming from under the hood area of the vehicle and NOT from inside the vehicle in the steering column like something rubbing inside the steering wheel area???

    What I think I would do is have the mechanic remove the serpentine fan belt from the engine, start the engine and move the vehicle to see if the noise is gone. Do this quickly since the water pump and alternator are not working with the belt off. If the noise is NOT present then yes, you probably have a problem with the power steering pump itself. Usually a worn out p/s pump makes a high pitched whining noise, worse on first start up, worse on cold days and worse at slow speed turns.

    Removing the belt removes the pump operation. If the noise is still present, then you have some kind of structural issue with the front end or steering linkage, and I would next do a front end alignment to see if anything is bent or out of align.

    See if you can rule out any of the above and get back to me.

  • Ramon

    Hi Austin, I have been subscribed to your newsletter for the past several years. I am in need if your advise. I own a 2004 Nissan Murano FWD 6cyl 3.5L with over 135,000 miles. There is an annoying/disgusting and embarrasing rubbing noise whenever i turn the steering wheel. The noise is louder when the vehicle is bearly in motion e.g moving from a parking lot. For sure it’s not the front tire rubbing. Was told by a mechanic to replace the struts which I did but did not solve the problem. Was subsequently told that the rack and pinion need to be replaced and had it replaced. No success. Now I am being told to have the power steering high pressure hose replaced. I am now skeptical and frustrated. Please for your advice. If possible send me an email.

  • Austin Davis

    Thanks for your comment John.

  • John D.

    I have an Alldata subscription, and have to say it is more than good enough for me and what I have been doing on my vehicles the last few years.

  • Austin Davis

    You want to repair the blend door? Did the door itself break, or did the electric motor controlling the door fail? I have seen both, the plastic actuator door itself break or get stuck (a pencil was lodged in place) and the electric motors fail and the door does not move.

    Its a pretty big job for the average guy and requires some dash removal.

  • Austin Davis

    Nathan, sorry you had a bad experience at least so far with Alldata. Actually they ARE the easiest to use for the average guy. The other manuals are made specifically for mechanics with years of training and know-how.

    Hopefully this was an isolated event to this particular repair and the other future repairs and information about your vehicle you need will be more helpful.

    We use Alldata in my shop as do many/most shops so I still stand behind them.

    Thanks for your comment and suggestions.

  • Nathan

    this ALLDATADIY service is super lame… I’m not sure what you’re saying it’s easy in comparison to, but I just unfortunately signed up for it (based on your rec) to replace a cabin air filter…one of the (should be) easier tasks on home automotive maintenance, and it was NOT easy to find where the instructions are, but I finally tracked them down… I think… anyways, they suck! It doesn’t give you anything step by step like what you’d want if you were a novice, which I am. Maybe for someone who’s been in the auto industry this makes sense to, but it definitely does NOT make sense to a novice. You should rephrase your advertising…just my 2 cents.

  • RH blend door repair on a 2006 mercury mountaineer

    Any info greatly accepted.