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So, what’s up with online car insurance quote machines? Are they reliable?


It’s all in the numbers, Lizzy.

Car insurance companies aren’t always completely happy with the online rate quote comparison websites. The way they see it, you may be getting a correct rice, but you are not getting a price that is tailored to your needs. You are not seeing any special terms and conditions that go with certain companies when you see that quote on a quotes website, nor are you seeing any of the special discount that they offer. You can’t find out how they deal with their customers. You cant find out other people’s experience, nor be sure that the company is licensed by the state. Not to mention, you probably aren’t going to be seeing every insurance company that there is on a single quote rate site, so while you may be able to get the best price out of that grouping, it might not be the best price of all.

And these are all legitimate concerns. Rate quote sites are fantastic ways to compare pricing and get started on your search for car insurance. But the emphasis is on the phrase ‘get started’. They should be used as a jumping board into the world of insurance, a base knowledge to inform your decision of which companies you can research further. There’s a reason you don’t just go into the store and buy the cheapest TV there is without looking at it. It might not have what you want–it might have terrible reception, be as small as your pinky finger, and not be high definition like you wanted. It’s even more important that you look at more than just the price with auto insurance. The best way to get cheap rate quotes is to start off by getting those comparisons, choose a few companies from the list, and look further. See what kind of discounts that have and so on.


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    I got my car insurance quotes using the online form in your site! Im just glad I did! Thank you!