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Ontario Auto Insurance Company

Hey Austin,

I just went through a divorce and moved to Ontario. I need to find an Ontario auto insurance company. I don’t know anything about getting auto insurance in Canada, can you help?


Dear Laura,The Ontario auto insurance company you are looking for, like all auto insurance in Ontario, is regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. This agency is a division of the Ministry of Finance. I’m sure you are already aware that there is a lot of government regulation in Ontario, so make sure you are familiar with these regulations so that you can present yourself as an informed consumer—and to help safeguard yourself from getting involved in any insurance scams.

The first thing you want to do is to familiarize yourself with the Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP 1). The OAP establishes the rights and responsibilities of insured owners and their insurance companies. The minimum coverage set for Ontario auto insurance is  third-party liability coverage ($200,000 min), statutory accident benefits coverage, direct compensation – property damage (DC-PD), and uninsured automobile coverage. As in the U.S., you can also get additional coverage for increased liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage of your car and contents.

You can get a copy of this policy document here

The next action step is to find the right Ontario auto insurance company. You can get your auto insurance from a licensed insurance agent, a licensed insurance broker or a licensed direct writer. Insurance agents represent only one auto insurance company (like a State Farm agent in the U.S.) Insurance brokers provide insurance for several different auto insurance companies. Direct writers are insurance companies selling their insurance policies directly to drivers without a middleman.

To find an Ontario auto insurance company, ask coworkers, family members, and friends for recommendations of who you should contact (and maybe also who you should avoid). You might also peruse your local telephone directory, but you won’t get much feedback on the company’s performance from a phone book. Some other valuable sources are the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) website at: and the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) website at: To research direct writers, visit the Canadian Association of Direct Response Insurer (CADRI) website at:

Finally, you will need to complete and submit the appropriate form(s) to apply and establish your coverage. You can get the forms from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario’s website @  You will probably want to read over these policy documents before contacting an agent so that you are familiar with the requirements and language—and to make sure you get any questions answered when you contact the Ontario auto insurance company.
Best wishes for your new life in Ontario, Austin

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