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Overheating Engine and Adding Coolant

I have a Dodge van. I have recently rebuilt the transmission due to a leak and then burnt it out, put in a new radiator as it was leaking?, new hot water heater as the car was still over heating and new belts and distributor cap.

The fan wasn’t working so a new switch as it only worked with air conditioning which I never use. The car is still over heating. I keep putting water in the radiator and it is going somewhere.

The over flow level never moves, I had the engine pressure tested and it held I believe 13 lbs. There is on water in the oil. There is no moisture inside the car. The mechanics have mentioned a head gasket as the problem…Would this make sense? Is it okay to drive the car as long as I check the water in the radiator and it doesn’t over heat.

I appreciate any help,


Asheville, NC

Hello Heather,

If you are experiencing an overheating problem AND you are continually adding water to the radiator….you MUST have a coolant leak somewhere.

Sometimes the leaks don’t present themselves right off the bat during a pressure test…but from what you tell me, I would be highly suspect of a coolant leak somewhere.

I don’t think you have a costly head gasket leak from what you tell me, at least not yet anyway…if you over heat this little engine though you could very well damage the head gasket or the engine itself.

I think I would get a second opinion, and have another mechanic perform the pressure test. Tell them what the symptoms are, and what you have done up to this point, but don’t try to diagnose the problem for them.

Ask the new mechanic, why is the engine overheating and why do I continually have to add water to the radiator….and let them do their job. Also go to a real mechanic, not a tire or oil change place for this kind of diagnosis.


Austin Davis

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