Personalized Safety Features

Not all safety features need to come with every kind of car, because not all safety features are necessary. Things like air bags and sear belts and electronic stability control are great in helping defend yourself, and having all the new and old safety features can contribute a lot to keeping you alive and uninjured while you’re out on the road. But there are even features that are more personal. Not necessarily personal, but personalized, so that they only fit a certain type of driver. Sometimes these features can be required by law, but can also be optional.

One such feature is a breathalyzer ignition lock. This has a breathalyzer installed on a car, so that the driver has to breathe into it before he can turn on the ignition. If too much alcohol is detected on his breath, then sorry, he can’t drive. The Breathalyzer ignition lock is a device often required for multiple drunk driving offenders, but can also be an option for a responsible drinker who wants to make sure that they make the right choices (like not driving) while they’re in a situation where they may not have all of their senses about them.

One other safety feature that has a more personal touch is the drowsy driver system. This is featured on many GM vehicles, and the manager of production of that company states that it needs to be handled with care and that drivers should still depend mostly on their own judgment before getting behind the wheel. In a drowsy driver system, there are cameras installed that will scan the driver’s eyes checking for movement that indicates fatigue. If it’s found, then an alarm will go off. However, drivers shouldn’t depend on an alarm to inform them of something they probably already know and the system isn’t perfect.


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