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Popping Noise and Check Engine Light

Hello Austin,

My Dodge Neon makes a popping or knocking sound from the bottom. It also Idols when I start it, and stop at a red light. While I am driving it seems like it starts shaking. My check engine light is also on. Do you know what this mught be.


Hey Eddie

The rough idle problem could be something as simple as an engine miss, maybe a worn out spark plug or spark plug wires? I would also pop the hood with the engine running and listen for a vacuum leak (hissing noise) that might be caused from a broken rubber vacuum hose or plastic connector.

The popping noise, could be from a bad CV joint, usually makes a clacking clacking noise when you make hard turns. It could also be from a worn out strut mount bearing. You might want to open the hood and push down on the fenders to make the car bounce. Listen to the top of the strut area to see if the noise is coming from there….if it is, you need to have the strut mounts, and possibly the struts themselves replaced.

Austin Davis

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