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Possible Blown Head Gasket?

I am contacting you regarding my GMC ENVOY. I took it to a shop here in Atlanta for overheating problems where my car was overheating a cutting off last a week ago Saturday. The owner happened to be there and told me she would look at it over the weekend and call me Monday to give me a diagnostic and a quote. I agreed.

Monday she told me that the car needed a coolant flush, thermostat, micro-v belt and water pump, and that this would correct the problem. She quoted me $700 to complete these repairs.

I picked up my car on Friday and the mechanics said everything was great and the car was running fine. I was followed home in my vehicle by one of the mechanics there, and drove him back to the shop nearly 10-15 minutes from my home.

About an hour oor two later I left my house to pick up my son from school. I got about 2 miles down the road before my car began overheating again. I was able to get it back to the shop when they told me that due to a water test (which they showed me the blue and green sample) I had a blown head gasket and needed to take my car to a dealership.

I want to know how I should proceed? I read your advice to another customer about cheaper options fo dealing with engine overheating problems — what should I do? I had my car towed back to my home until I could talk to some people especially after just outing $700 and getting nothing for it.

I also wanted to ask what you know and what you thought of thermogasket? Will this work for my car possibly?

I have a paid off truck and really just need to get another year or so out of it?

Any advice?


Hi there Roxanne,


My first piece of advice is not to listen to these yahoo mechanics! You don’t have a head gasket problem until someone can PROVE it. These guys are guessing…just like they did with their first diagnosis.

The best advice I can give you without being there to look at this vehicle myself, is have it TOWED to the dealership for a proper diagnosis. Just tell the dealer your symptoms and what is happening as you drive, but I don’t think I would go into details about the work you just had done. They will be able to see the new parts themselves, but for now … don’t want them to think you suspect a costly head gasket repair.

They should perform a pressure test of the cooling system and go from there. I do have to say that if the engine overheating AND you continued to drive the vehicle until the engine shut off……..that is NOT good at all for the head gasket and the engine itself.

It just takes a few seconds of overheating to due severe damage to these engines. Don’t add anything to your coolant/radiator until you get a firm diagnosis of a head gasket problem.


Austin Davis

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