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Power Window Makes Weird Noise


I have an Kia Optima and my driver said window has a crunchy noise when I move it down and it won’t go down very far??? They are power windows.



Hello Genesis,

you most likely either have one of the following:

1. The window glass itself is not properly in the track (glass might be loose or sag inward more than the passenger side does)
2. The window “Regulator” is cracked or broken and will need to be replaced. The regulator basically holds the glass in place as it moved up and down. Its flimsy, plastic and with 7 years of age I would not be surprised if it has broken.

either way, the interior door panel has to come off for inspection, so make sure your mechanic is capable of doing that kind of work….most small shops sub out window glass regulator installations, so ask who they use. Look under “auto window glass” in your phone book or websearch, you might find a mobile company that comes to your work to do the repairs.

Regulator is only available at the dealership, so you will have to go there anyway if that is what is wrong, you might want to ask the service department how much they charge to do the installation so you can compare.

We would charge $150 in labor plus the part

Hope that helps

Austin Davis

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