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Power Windows not Working

Having a car brings all the convenience of being able to go from one place to another. With the benefits you get from a car comes the obligation and responsibility of taking care of it. Even how much you take care of your car having minor defects is inevitable. Minor repairs in cars can be done by the owners themselves. There are however malfunctions of some parts that need the work of a professional mechanic. Some malfunctions may seem simple and uncomplicated but fixing them would require the removal of a major part of the car which is not a simple and easy thing to do. Power windows not working is a concrete example of a simple malfunction but involves a tedious repair job.  Fixing the power windows are not that complicated but it requires the removal of the door panels. The power window mechanism is found inside the door panels.

The major cause of power windows not working is a busted fuse. The owner’s manual can assist you in locating the fuse box and the fuse. Once you have located the fuse box and the fuse, you can now change the fuse so that your power windows will function again.

Another possible cause for power windows not working is bad and faulty switch or misalignment in the window mechanism. With these malfunctions, you can lubricate the tracks of the window mechanism to avoid and correct friction. You could also check on wirings and replace them as needed. It really is easy to repair power windows not working but then again it advisable to have the repair done by an expert mechanic to avoid further malfunctions.

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