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Problem With Buying a Used 1988 BMW 635CSI

Reader Question

I’m looking to buy an “88 BMW 635CSi, for $1620. I’m sorry to bother you but I’ve got a bit of a problem.

The said car isn’t running right now, and the guy I’m buying the car from sent me this e-mail explaining the problem,”When we purchased the car it had no key,we got the key from bmw put a battery and the car turned over fine,we then sprayed starting fluid in intake it rumbeled but no start,pulled off fuel line and milk came out nasty gas,we cranked the starter for a while, pumped all gas out and put new gas in and now it does not turn over it makes a buzz noise next to the shifter…”

It sounds like an easy fix but I can’t diagnose it. It’s really a gorgeous car and I’d love to buy it but I’d like to know what the problem is and how much this could potentially run me. If it’s going to be a hassle I’ll let someone else buy it and hope I can find a car as beautiful. I really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot. Jake


Hi there Jake,

First off I would NEVER buy an 11 year old BMW! You better have a lot of money for maintenance and repairs, these vehicles are EXPENSIVE when they break, and usually they break often. Since this vehicle already has something very very very weird going on I would stay away from it. You really can’t buy much of anything for $1620… that old saying, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is…that is right on in this case. I would bet you spend 3 times that amount the first few months.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I would keep looking…..Honda and Toyota’s are my two favorite vehicles.


Austin Davis


Reader Follow Up

Hi. thanks a lot. The guy selling it was kind of a pain in the neck, (and really weird). He couldn’t wait for me to answer him and sold it on eBay so it’s probably best because if he didn’t want to give me the time to find out the problem then it must have been serious. My grandma gave me her Subaru last night anyway so everything worked out in the end. Thanks again.


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