Have to Push Start or Jump Start Car


Hi, I have a starting issue with my car. I have checked the clutch interlock switch or the neutral safety switch which ever you want to call it the battery is at full charge.

I can dump the clutch at rolling and she will start or jump the starter, but from inside when pushing in the clutch and turning the key switch she will do nothing help it is very important only transportation i have and i am a women so if it is an easy fix let me know


Hi there,

I am impressed you can dump the clutch, most guys can’t do that!

If you are sure the clutch neutral safety switch is working, I would test to see if you have power going to your starter motor. From what you said, I would assume you are not getting power to your starter and the ignition switch would be the first place I would start testing next.

Don’t jump to conclusions with this though……you could still have a bad starter motor (there could be something wrong with the solenoid or the bendix part of the starter) so just because you can jump across the starter and it works…….does not really tell you that the starter is OK, just says that the actual windings parts of the motor are good.

Sometimes you can lightly bang on the side of the starter with a block of wood or rubber hammer AS someone holds down the ignition key in the start position. If it starts, you need a new starter motor or have yours overhauled.


Austin Davis

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