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Radiator Hose Leak

A car is a staple to any modern family nowadays, providing quick transport options for anyone on the go. This is why when any part of your car breaks down, fixing it becomes top priority on any person’s to do list. One common problem among cars is the radiator hose leak. It is essential that you have this fixed right away unless you want your engine to overheat. But when you can see both ends of the hose and can easily access it, you can always do it yourself and not bother calling in a professional.

There is a quick and easy way to replace your radiator hose by yourself without any professional help, so long as both ends of the hose are visible and easily accessible. After turning off the engine, you must locate the radiator hose leak by looking for wetness or any sign of moisture. After that, determine the hose type and go to your nearest auto parts dealer and purchase it, along with some antifreeze.

Replacing the radiator hose leak is not as difficult as you might think. First, you have to put something, preferably a large pan, at the bottom of the radiator and the hoses to catch any coolant that might flow out. Loosen the clamps of each end of the hose using a screw driver. Remove the hose by twisting it away from the radiator and the engine. Then all you have to do is replace it with the new radiator hose, clamp it up on each end, and now your car is road worthy again.

Next time, when you see a radiator hose leak in your car, and it is not obstructed by anything, you have the knowhow on replacing it yourself.

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