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Range Rover Coolant Leak – How To Find and Repair it?

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Hi i wonder if could point me in the right direction to my problem the thing is that i have been losing coolant/antifreeze from my car for a while now i have already had it in the garage for them to look at it and they told me it was the heater control valve which he said he replaced the thing is this seemed to sort the problem out for a while but then it started again,the car doesn’t seem to be overheating,i.e the temp dial stays steady at about halfway i am unable to find any obvious leaks i don’t really want to take it back to that garage as i feel he may be having me over to make a few quid,if i could find the problem and it is easy and safe enough for me to do myself then i will try but i don’t want to spend money if i am not sure of the problem,i know there can be 101 things to look at but i am asking you in your experience apart from leaks what would suspect.

thank you for taking the time to look at my question and i appreciate what you are doing.

Hi there Mike,

You need to get a very simple and inexpensive “cooling system pressure test” which just about any mechanic or fast lube place can do for you while you wait. This test will pump air into the radiator and make it easier to see where the leak is coming from. You can sometimes rent a pressure tester from your local auto parts store and do the test yourself…or maybe pay the auto parts guy to do it for you while you are there.

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