Rear Brake Fluid Leaking

This morning I noticed that the Brake fluid leaks at the left rear tire of my car. I checked the break master cylinder. It doesn’t leak from there. What would I need to replace?

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Hi there C.s.,

I would assume you have a leaking rear wheel cylinder on that left side. Remove the tire and wheel and brake drum, and the wheel cylinder should be at the top center part in between the brake shoes.

It is usually recommended that you replace the brake shoes when brake fluid spills onto them, the fluid will continually seep out of the pores of the brake shoes and cause slipping, noises and smoke. It is also recommended to replace the wheel cylinders in pairs, since the right side is the same age and probably in the same shape as the leaking left side.

So, chances are you will need to get a complete rear brake job and replace the two rear brake wheel cylinders and resurface the brake drums. You might be able to purchase the parts yourself and pay a mechanic $125 to install them for you and resurface (turn) the brake drums.

These parts will be available at your local auto part store, and I would buy the cheap no-name brand in this particular case. It will save money and this simple job really does not need top quality parts.

Here is a picture of the wheel cylinder





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