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Rear Main Bearing Seal Leak?

I have a Chevrolet C1500 5.7L V8 1/2 ton truck. I have a leak that I cannot find that is getting worse. I’ve thought it may be my rear main seal. If so, what is the best approach to getting to this seal? If it isn’t the rear main seal, is it possible it can be just the oil pan gasket? Thanks for your time.

Hi there John

Finding the source of an oil leak can be very tricky….especially around the RMB seal and the back of the oil pan.

Go to your local auto parts store and get 3 cans of CRC BrakeKleen – its brake cleaner, and its spelled that way , its in a red and black can, you want the chlorinated version. Spray the engine down with this stuff and let it dry….it will dry almost immediately and you don t have to wash it off with water.

Its non flammable, so you can spray it on a hot engine with no worries. Clean and dry the engine off then let the engine run as you look underneath for the source of the leak.

Austin Davis

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    I have a 5.7 liter Chevy 1/2 ton. Bad vibration in park or while driving. While accelerating it sounds like its reving up higher than normal before it will shift into higher gear and vibration gets worse–??? The vibration is from the engine or torque converter or harmonic balancer???? HELP! Oh i removed vacuum lines and stuff then put them back on while running then drove it-problem was gone for about a day then problem returned. Related I dont know.