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Rear Main Seal Leaking

Reader Question

I had my transmission replaced about a month ago and now man van is leaking oil from the rear main shaft.Could the rear oil leak be because of the transmission repair.

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Hi there,

Yes, it can be caused by recent transmission removal. The rear main seal is a fairly large and somewhat hard plastic oil seal that is located between the engine and transmission.

When you remove the transmission you take a huge risk of moving or damaging the rear main seal.

Anytime I remove the transmission I replace the rear main seal just for my own personal insurance against these types of issues.  I don’t want a mad customer or to have to do the job over again.

Now, can you get your transmission guy to install a new seal at no charge?  Probably not.  They SHOULD be willing to do some of the labor again at a cost basis or some large discount, just have to ask them.

Using thicker engine oil weight, such as Castrol 20w-50 can help to slow down the oil leak, unless it is visibly dripping. There are oil additives that are made for rear main seal leaks as well, although honestly I have never had any luck using them.

Austin Davis

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