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Rental Car Insurance in Europe, Mexico, or Canada

Reader question:

What should I know about getting car insurance on rental cars while traveling abroad?


As much as you can!

Most insurance companies will cover you for driving about anywhere in the United States as well as Canada. In fact, Canada actually tends to have the same kinds of insurance requirement laws that the U.S. does, so you generally won’t have any problems with conflicting legal requirements while you’re there. Still, it isn’t the same everywhere you go.

Mexico, for example. Most insurance companies in the states will provided limited coverage in Mexico, but this usually only extends to the border areas, so any more in depth traveling might require something extra. Auto liability laws in Mexico do require you to have coverage, though, so you might want to consider getting coverage from a Mexican car rental company.

I would say probably zero auto insurance companies extend their coverage to Europe, but I don’t want to lie just in case. Still, at least most don’t, and it’s very unlikely that any do. So, if you’re renting a car in Europe, it’s better to get your insurance through the rental company there. Remember that many foreign companies don’t recognize the same insurance rules, so ask before you drive so you don’t get stuck somewhere without coverage.


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