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Replacement Window Cost

Reader Question:

A rock chipped my windshield in my 1999 Ford Expedition and I tried to have it repaired at this mobile glass repair place in Houston. They said it could not be repaired because the chip made like a spider web crack and they could not fill it with what ever it is they use. Any other suggestions?


Houston TX

Hey Andrew,

If the glass repair guys said they can’t fix it I would assume it can’t be repaired. The best kind of rock chip to repair is the one that makes a small bullet hole in the glass. If the rock chip or hole is left too long out in the hot sun the chip will start to expand and produce long cracks. It can sometimes look like a spider web. Once the crack is like that, it usually can not be repaired.

The price of a new replacement windshield is not as much as you might think it it. I use this awesome free online comparison quote service in my shop. You will get 3 rate quotes from local glass installers and usually free mobile installation. This is very cool! Try it.

UPDATE – 5/2/07 the windshield quoting service I recommended is not available at this time…Sorry, I kinda thought it was too good to be true. They say they will be online again soon…..and I will update this post when they do.

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