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Replacing Engine with Different Model

First, thanks for your time, I know your busy……the question…..I have a GEO Metro that’s tired, and underpowered. I’m considering dropping in a 1.3 ltr. 4cyl out of a Suzuki Swift.

Is the engine compatable with the 5sp. manual from the 1.0 ltr 3cyl metro, or will I run into major problems? Or, if the tranny wont mate to the bigger motor, will a motor/trans combo (1.3 ltr and trans) fit in the GEO? Again, thank you for your time and infinite knowledge!



Howdy there Ron,

Personally I think you are just asking for a super huge headache….will it “work” maybe, I really don’t know what will fit and what won’t. I would call a few junk yards in your area and ask them if they have the Hollander system that will tell you which parts are interchangeable, most large junk yards will have this computer system and can answer your question. I could think of many other ways to better spend your time and money…like a newer vehicle.


Austin Davis

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