RTM Tango 50 Trike – Better Than a Motorcycle?

My wife’s family recent purchased a very interesting mode of transportation. They live in Houma Louisiana and don’t have a lot of street traffic…compared to Houston where I live, so I guess it is relatively safe to drive.

They were looking for an economical but easy to drive and easy on the eyes vehicle, and they came across this. The RTM Tango 50 Trike.





This is what I found out about this little vehicle on their factory website.

Others General possible uses:

* Economical Commuter car alternative.
* A vehicle for older riders who don’t have the strength to lift bikes off side stands.
* A nice alternative to the “trike” conversions offered now.
* An inexpensive first car for young people.
* A “bike” to ride to work when it rains

The RTM Tango is available in two engines version Tango 50 with a 2 stroke – 49.3 cc – liquid cooled with 5.8ps and Tango 200 with a 4 stroke – 189.8cc – liquid cooled with 16.7ps both with CVT automatic transmission with reverse. RTM Tango are available in four colors red, blue, yellow and white in two tone combination with black.

RTM Tango is register as motorcycles and meets the NHTSA and DOT regulations, as well as EPA requirements. RTM Tango is a street legal vehicle and it’s recommended to check your local DMV on your states requirements for motorcycles. RTM Tango products come with a full one (1) year warranty on pasts.



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  • Frank

    Way better than a motorcycle and I would really like one of these for my children, they are both old enough to drive 17 and 18 and have their license but we only let them drive for short distances.

  • Austin Davis

    Personally, I would not get in one….wayyyy to small to be on the road where I live.

  • Oscar

    I do believe this is a great idea, specially when you live in a small town and you don´t get much traffic, it seems to be good for the economy.

  • Austin Davis

    He WON’T fit in there easily that is for sure.

  • Stella

    I do think this is a useful vehicle specially cause I live in a small town and I don´t usually drive long distances or in lots of traffic, however I can imagine my 6 foot tall husband trying to fit in there.

  • Austin Davis

    Hi Rob, The only information I have on them is from their website here


  • Robby

    I am 6’5″ 324lbs. I can drive the car around no problems. It is a deluxe model with leather interior!
    If you ever want one, get the upgraded engine. It will do you justice. Should run 2 people around 50-55 mph in the city.
    It does have disk brakes!

  • Dear Mr. Davis,

    Trying to source the factory who makes this product for Thailand.

    Anything you could share with us would be much appreciated.

    Older people and physically challenged people have to be creative and invent their
    own motorized systems. Good example below.


    All the best,


  • Infotox

    unfortunately not import in France :(

  • Ben

    I dont think I would fit in that car hahahaha!