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RV insurance rates–cheap!

Reader Question:

After a lot of saving, my family got an RV and we plan on doing some traveling this summer–around America and maybe to Mexico. We want to get insurance, of course. Can we just get regular insurance or is there something special for RVs?


Well, Becky,

It is true that you can get just regular car insurance on your RV, and if you do this you’ll get whatever coverage comes with that, plus it will lower your rates as usually happens when a new vehicle is added to your policy. That may sound good, but it’s not the best idea. Think about the fact that recreational vehicles are very different from cars–they’re almost like little houses. For the extent of your vacation, you and your entire family will pretty much be living in your RV, so the protection needed for it goes a lot farther than that needed for just a regular car. Because of this, it’s good to know that there’s a special kind of insurance for recreational vehicles–that includes your RV, and also other kinds of vehicles like snowmobiles, quads, and the trailer you hook to the back of your jeep.

What does RV insurance have that regular car insurance doesn’t? Plenty!

  • It covers your property. While traveling in a recreational vehicle, you’ll probably be carting around items such as stereos, beds, DVD players and the like. If your vehicle or what’s inside of it is damaged, stolen, or loss, only specific insurance for recreational vehicles includes personal property coverage to help you get these big items replaced.


  • Mexico and Canada! A lot of insurance providers provide coverage all the way to our bordering countries for RVs, so getting the specialized insurance can save you a ton on rates because you won’t have to get separate travel insurance on your vehicle.


  • Extended liability coverage. Remember that, since you have your family and/or friends with you, it’s important to look after their safety. With this type of coverage, injuries from use of the recreational vehicle will be covered.


  • Total loss replacement. This can really come in handy, since recreational vehicles don’t tend to last anywhere near as long as cars (though everyone’s seen that RV relic from 1970 wheezing down the highway–but you probably don’t want to go that way). With this coverage, you can get your RV replaced entirely if it’s damaged beyond repair.

Be sure to call insurance company to verify that they provide insurance for recreational vehicles. You can also get quotes and other options just by visiting the link at the top of the page. Remember, last of all, that while it’s cheap and possible to add your RV to your regular car insurance, the best idea is to specialize! It’ll protect you and help you avoid losing all that money you saved just to get the RV in the first place.

Enjoy your trip!

Fashun Guadarrama.

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