Auto Mechanic Scams


First let me start off by saying that all mechanics or auto repair shops are crooks out to get you. Mechanics for the most part are just trying to make a living like and me---and I am an auto repair owner. Granted, I will be the first to agree that some mechanics repair shop owners are poor business people, and some of the they make are due to this fact. they were good business people, they would probably not be in business in the first place.

Most mechanics just like to work cars--running an honest and profitable repair shop is usually not their priority list�they just want to work on cars. Running an auto repair shop is like most other businesses, it hard work! We have tons of workman compensation and OSHA laws to to, lots of expenses in keeping our equipment and our personnel updated, and high insurance and related overhead costs. As you read articles below, please keep this in mind.

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Scam #1 - Padding The Bill

Scam #2 - Transmission Shops

Scam #3 - Other charges

Scam #4 - Stopping Payment

Scam #5 - How much should it cost?