Serious Thoughts for Teen Drivers

Reader question:

I’m sixteen and am about to get my first car. If I buy a new car and don’t like it, can I take it back?


No. Sorry.

Most of the time in life, you’ll have a return policy on the things you buy. Get a new cell phone and it doesn’t look quite the way it looked in the commercial? You might have two weeks or sixty days to return it and get a new one, and then you never have to think about that purchase again. It’s a mistake and it was erased, and it is now over. However, now you are older and things aren’t necessarily going to be like that anymore. A car is a serious purchase, and it isn’t for children. It’s time to be an adult now; time to grow up.

The most important thing for teenagers, and people in general, to understand about buying a new car is that the transaction is, for the most part, final. With this understanding, better choices can be made. It’s time to start researching and paying real attention to your purchases just as you would if you were living on your own and paying bills.

Shopping around for the best deal on buying a new car should be done before the transaction is completed. If you buy a car, and later find another one that has a better deal or that you like better, you can’t give the first one back and get that one instead. Rather, you actually have to do all of your research first. Look online and ask question, get information about the car you want and go to the dealership with the knowledge in your head already.


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