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Shopping for a car with car insurance in mind

Reader question:

I want to get a car but I don’t want the insurance to be too high. What are some things I should avoid while I’m shopping?


Glad you asked.

Car ratings have a big effect on your insurance ratings, so it’s good that people are paying attention to what kind of car they buy regarding insurance, instead of going out and getting a car they like, coming home and seeing their insurance premium rocket, and then complaining. It’s part of being a responsible consumer when you consider how the costs of certain things may affect the costs of others. So here are some things that you shouldn’t do when you’re out shopping for a new car.

1. No love at first sight. Many people will walk onto a car lot, spot a car with just the right shape and color, and immediately after that everything about that car will be gold. Don’t get stuck on a particular model and ignore all of the other facts. Research a car.

2. Don’t avoid the test drive. Your salesman may tell you that this is a wonderful care, that he owns one and it’s great, and on and on and just increase your confidence for it, but guess what? It may sound great and look great on the outside and inside, but you can’t know if it drives right until you test it. You don’t want to hand over a couple thousand dollars in down payment and then drive home to find that the handling is horrible.

3. Don’t take the price they offer you. Normally, the salesperson will offer you a price slightly lower than the one on the sticker to make you think you’re getting a good deal, but that’s usually not the case. Negotiate, and you can usually get a better price

4. Don’t talk about the monthly payment until you settle on the price of car. They like to focus on the monthly, only so they can pull the strings in other areas.

5. Don’t underestimate safety features. Many safety features are new, and you may not be used to driving in a car equipped with them, but things like side airbags and anti-lock brakes are essential. And they can also save you a ton of money on car insurance.

Keeping these suggestions in mind when you go to the car lot will keep you from getting suckered and also help you get a better deal on a car that your insurance company will approve of. Research the makes and models your interested in before hand to find out their ratings in different areas. You’ll want to know their safety rating, their rate of theft, and so on. Look for a mid sized car instead of a smaller or larger one. And enjoy your new car!


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