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Should I Buy a High Mileage Car?

HI Austin,

this is a general question. let’s say that you get a used car with 150, 200K+ miles, a Honda for example. is it realistic to get a car like this one to run almost like brand new or in excellent condition if the necessary parts are replaced with new parts? for me, i would like to keep the car for a long time and not deal with monthly payments as it is a drag to make payments on depreciating assets. would you stay away from high mileage cars? thanks


Howdy Peter,

I love Honda’s but still would shy away from high mileage ones. I would bet you will spend $1200 a year maintenance stuff on this vehicle and that’s not much less than the payments on a new Kia Rio….awesome car worth your time to test drive. I bought one for a friend a few years ago new for $14K fully loaded. See if you can make a deal on a 2010 if you can find one. Warranty is the best!

Austin Davis

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