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Should I Buy Car with a Blown Head Gasket?

Here is the question…
I have been looking around for a new/used car. I have seen quite a few that list having a blown headgasket. Is there a big difference in the cost of fixing this in different cars? What would something like this cost generally?



Howdy Joe,

Personally I would steer clear of a vehicle with a blown head gasket. You really don’t have anyway of knowing if there is internal engine damage as well until you tear the engine apart, and in some cases you can’t tell until the head gasket repair has been made and the engine has been re-assembled.

There are just too many variables and chances for things to go wrong. The cost of just the head gasket repair can vary widely but I would use $1500 as a ball park. The real question is….why did the engine over heat in the first place and what will it take to repair the initial problem so it does not happen again?

Most head gaskets fail because of overheating or driver abuse and negligence. I would not advice you to buy a vehicle with a blown head gasket. There are TOO many good used cars and some great deals on new cars these days to take that kind of financial chance.


Austin Davis

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