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Should I Change Just The Transmission Fluid and Not Filter?

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Hello there, how are you?

First, I want to thank you for sharing mechanical information in your website, it is helpful and we save money, I do appreciate your wonderful help. I have a couple of question for you, if you do not mind.

I read the article in your website about changing the transmission fluid and filter for old cars, my question is: What if you change the filter only, and use the same old transmission fluid?
is this recommended?

Thanks for your help.
God bless your family.

Thanks for the kind words

HI there!

Thanks for your kind words and the blessings….same to you and your family as well.

Changing just the filter will probably not really do much of anything. if you are experiencing any kind of slipping or late shifting problem it will more than likely require a new transmission or a transmission overhaul to correct the problem. Flushing the fluid, or changing the filter are pretty much just part of regular maintenance and rarely correct a problem….they are replaced to help prevent them in the first place.

Just like changing your engine oil and filter after your engine starts to make funny noises, chances are the damage is already been done and replacing the oil or filter is not going to do anything to correct it BUT not changing the oil and filter was probably the cause of the engine noise.


I would really advise you to take the vehicle to a transmission shop and have them test drive the vehicle with you and let them give you their opinion. Just remember, very little transmission work can be done with the transmission still attached to the vehicle, so be prepared to have the transmission removed and taken apart…..and there is no going back once that happens.


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