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Should I Use High Octane Gasoline?

Good Morning Austin

Today I have one more question for you. As the gas prices are going high and the Gas stations gone dry due to any reason. I got a chance to get the Gas of Grade 91.I noticed a change in engine noises.  1)Do it  increase the efficiency of vehicle if we use this higher grades. 2) If using this higher grade it should be put every time or occasionally. what about grade 89. One more thing how the Octane No is related to engine’s life and efficiency.



Hello AP,

I am not really an expert on this subject, but to simplify things for you think of gasoline this way.

The higher the Octane number the means more cleaners and additives have been added, and these cleaners can help to improve your overall engine performance (engine might have more power, or better starting or even better fuel mileage).  Now the catch, is this additional performance and these cleaners worth the extra expense??  Personally I use the cheapest grade of fuel in my vehicles, but I only buy from the well known larger brands.

Your engine might be running quieter do to the special additives in the higher octane fuel?  How often should you use this higher octane fuel…….that’s a great question.  Try using it every other tank or every 3rd tank full and see how things perform.  I am not real sure if using the higher octane fuel will increase your engine life, but It might make it run smoother and require less preventative maintenance, but again, you will have to determine if the added expense is justified or not.


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