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Should You Steam Clean Engines?

Engine steam cleaningA video I made a few months back has gotten a lot of negative feedback on Youtube, so I wanted to clear the air a little bit on what my main point was and why I feel that way. I also have a totally free gift for you just for your visit today, so please like and share with your friends and keep reading.

In my original video, below, I mention that many of my retail auto repair customers who tried to “Steam clean” their car engine actually caused more damage to electrical parts than they did good for the engine.

High pressure car wash water sprayers are great for removing mud and dirt from underneath the vehicle or on a trailer, boat, ATV, motorcycle etc. etc. but they are not good to use under the hood of your vehicle due to the many electrical connections, sensors and delicate wiring used in today’s vehicles.

Since most of those customers really only wanted to remove excessive oil and grease that had built up on the engine, and not make it look show room shiny, I wanted to give a safe alternative. CRC Brakleener part #05089 is a non flammable, fast drying solvent that does not require water.

This is the original video I posted to Youtube.

Here is a follow up video that goes into more detail about using CRC Brakleener and what it does and does not do. So please take a watch to both videos before you just past judgement on what my original concern was all about.

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  • john

    if I’m to have a problem due to water I’d rather it be in my driveway than in a rainstorm miles from home. been washing my engines many cars for many years…spray with 409, let soak, wash with hose or pressure washer, spray with armorall foaming protectant works great everytime never had an issue

  • Ernest Gutierrez


  • Austin Davis

    You are correct! Thanks for commenting Robert

  • Robert Murphy

    I have used CRC on a number of things and it works great. From dusty coo-koo clocks to mountain bike gear hubs cleans great. Long gone are the days where you put a plastic bag over the carb and starter and blast away.


  • Austin Davis

    Thank you JThomas, much appreciated.

  • Austin Davis

    Thanks Jim!

  • Austin Davis

    Thanks for commenting Petric

  • Austin Davis

    Thank you R, I will have to look into making subtitled videos, good idea.

  • R

    Thank you for your recommendation of CRC Brakleener. I appreciate your expert mechanical advise. During this tough economical times, I can use all the helpful advice from you if it’s going to save me a lot of money.
    As a Deaf consumer, I hope someday you’ll make videos with English subtitles for minor maintenance, etc. (YouTube’s captions are malfunctioned and it’s often just gibberish).
    Meanwhile, keep up the great work you’re doing! Stay strong. You’re appreciated!!!

  • Petric

    I agree with “Do not steam clean your engine”. Yes, indeed, the damage that can be inflicted on the electrical and other sensitive parts of the engine might not be so obvious at the first sight, but can show later.
    But I agree to have a clean engine because it helps the cooling process.

  • James McConnell

    I agree with you when it comes to cleaning your engine. Much better to invest the money to take care of the internal components-oil changes, and other vital fluid drains or flushes.

    Keep up the great work. Brakcleen is the universal solvent when it comes to auto repair. I’ve been using it the past 20 years and never had an issue.

    Thanks again…..Jim McConnell

  • JThomas

    Don’t apologize for that first video….I liked it and there was nothing in it that wasn’t true. I have seen mechanics use the heck out of that on greasy engine. Advance auto parts sells that by the case for non business owners. When you deal with the public, you got a lot mouth breathers just hollerin about something they don’t understand. Good Job!