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Squealing Brakes Noises, brake problems, brake squeaks, brake rotors warped? Just brakes man.

Brake noise More brake noises, brake rotor warped problems, caliper problems….you name it.

Front end alignment symptoms how do you know you need to have a wheel alignment?

Buying a used car Check around before you buy. I always hear people complain they bought a lemon, but they didn’t spent a few bucks to get a used car report. Dumb!

When to buy a new car newsletter When do you throw in the towel? I can give you some pointers that might save you lots of time, frustration and money.

Car won’t start – try this before you do anything else.

Best car wax I have to promote these guys, so give me a brake!

Check engine light I get tons of emails asking about a check engine light….now you know!

Check engine light More good check engine light stuff

Finding a good mechanic Dealerships….I hate em!

Don’t say this… I get this story at least once a week.

Emergency Road Trip Kit This is so simple yet no one does it, and they pay for it.

Extended Auto Warranty Warranties Believe it or not, there are a few companies that are worthy of your money.

Car repair Forum Ask your car questions here… of course.

Free Cars There are free cars available if you know where to look.

Front End Alignment When should you get a front end alignment? Are you really sure what a 2, or 4 wheel alignment is?

Egr Valves Can a bad EGR valve turn on the check engine light?

Heater not hot What makes your heater hot?

First Impressions What should you look for when you walk into a shop, and why?

Auto Insurance Claim Need a little help dealing with an auto insurance claim?

Used Japanese Engines Used Japanese motors and transmissions.

Used car parts What should you not buy from a junk yard, and why?

Auto Leasing Want to know who to ask before you sign that lease agreement?

Leasing Secrets Don’t even think of leasing before you read this.

Maintenance Schedules less than 60K miles I made these free maintenance schedules for you, I hope you enjoy them.

Maintenance Schedule more than 65K Miles Ditto!

Auto Repair Manuals Auto repair manuals, online technical service manuals, recall information etc…good stuff

Blown Headgasket Why do we always get blamed?

Cheap Oil Change Boring stuff to me, but you might like to know about oil?

Oil Change Do’s and Don’t Ohhh boy, bet you never did this?

Car Buying Tips Just free quotes that really save money…use them!

Reservoirs Where does that brake fluid go? You would be surprised what people do.

Books on auto mechanics a review from Vincent Ciulla from

Road trip emergency kit You better read this one.

Tune up prices What is a tune up?

Service engine soon light More check engine light stuff again.

Transmission shops I tell you what I know about transmission shops!

Used car checklist Before you buy a used car…read this

Extended Auto Warranty Just some great info on extended warranty contracts.

Auto repair advice ebook every car owner should own this.

– Great info here.  Don’t get scammed.

Female Car Insurance – Females, save BIG on your auto insurance.

Cheap Auto Insurance _ everyone wants CHEAP… you go!

Cheap car insurance for young drivers – well…as cheap as it can get anway.

Car Loan Houston – I live in Houston and like to help my fellow neighbors.

Classic Car Insurance – These are specialists and you save.

Motorcycle Insurance quotes – Great rates and tips for motorcylce insurance

Cracked Engine Block – Has this happened to you?  Don’t let it.

Full Service -vs- Quick Lube Places – You might be suprised

Wheel Alignment – I get tons of questions about this problem.

Why do brakes squeek? – How can you stop it……from squeeking.

Used Car Houston – find a used car in Houston

Auto Insurance Houston – Easily save up to $600 in auto insurance.

Car Insurance Seattle – from a newsletter subscriber.

Sports car insurance – how to reduce your rates

Car Repair Houston – as an ex shop owner in Houston, I tell all I know

Budget Car Insurance – On a budget? My recommendation, and why.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida Tips to lower your car insurance

Cheap Car Insurance Rate Simple tips to reduce your car insurance rates

How To Get Car Insurance What does affect your insurance rates?

Transmission Slipping What should you not do?

Transmission Shops What should you look for?

Men and women the REAL difference.

Flood Car Don’t buy that car without checking it!

Car won’t start clicking noise what should you do first?

Remote car starter problems could this feature be causing problems?

Better gas mileage are gas prices really too high?

Auto Tune Up how much should a tune up cost?

Car Won’t Start help your mechanic find the problem

Car Insurance Dallas I can help you get a better rate!

Idle Air Control Valve Could this be your idle speed problem?

Air Conditioner Problems Easy self diagnostic tests you can do.

Car Road Trip Emergency Kit Is your car ready to hit the open road?

Performance Exhaust Systems Ready to beef up your ride?

How to replace a fuel pump on my Chevy truck?

Why is my car overheating – Simple things to help you figure this out.

Cheapest car insurance – see my top recommendation for car insurance quotes.

Cheap full coverage auto insurance – check out this article and compare these quotes.

NJ auto insurance – these are some great discounts to get.

Low auto loan rates – need help getting a better auto loan rate?

Car insurance Houston – I live here, these rates are great!

Discount car insurance quotes in your area for free.

New York Car Insurance compare multiple NY car insurance quotes very fast.

Student car loans do you need help finding auto loans for students?

New Car Dealers find new and used car dealers in your area for free.

PCV Valve what are the symptoms of a bad PCV valve and where is it located?

AC hose what does it look like and can you repair it?

Cheap auto insurance quotes and a free gift just for checking rates.

Car battery maintenance are your battery cables dirty?

Best gas mileage what can you really do to help?

Brake fluid color what should it look like?

Best brake pads what are the different types of brake pads?

What is a brake caliper when should they be replaced?

Fair price for a new car what should you expect to pay?

Second chance auto loans do you need a little help?

Texas car title loan if you need it, try this.

Cheap car insurance rate try it, it works.

Cheapest car insurance I did it too

Heater Core where is the heater core located?