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Smart Car Mileage

Reader Question: What can I expect the average smart car fuel mileage to be?

Dan H.

Allentown, PA



If you are referring to one of those real small shoe box looking cars then the fuel mileage can be as high as 90 MPG. I personally have not driven one of those small cars and honestly would NOT feel comfortable driving one of them here in Texas with all the big trucks on the road with me.


I WOULD how ever drive a Toyota Prius any day of the week and with a fuel economy in the 40 MPG range its a nice alternative to the shoe box smart car. Now, if you live in a very dense city and do not plan on getting on a fast moving freeway….then one of those smart cars might be a good idea just to get around the city. I bet they are popular in Europe where they do not have tons of Ford F250 4X4 trucks on the road. :)


Austin Davis

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