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Speeding and car insurance rates

Come on. I know you. If you’re like everybody else, you probably think it’s okay to go a few miles over the speed limit. There might be some instances where this rule doesn’t apply. There’s never any way that you would go over the speed limit in a school zone or in a neighborhood. That’s just dangerous! But on the highway you end up roaring up to as fast as your hair can whip, and on those roads where the speed limit says 30 miles and hour? Well, that’s just too slow. And no one’s around, anyway.

But when you’re out there pumping over the speed limit, even if you’re not going over by all that much, keep in mind what a speeding ticket could do to your driving record, and in turn to your car insurance rates.

Speeding, along with driving while intoxicated, is probably on the international car insurance companies’ list of the seven deadly sins. Speeding is reckless driving and causes crashes, and crashes while going at more miles per hour are worse than crashes that happen while driving more slowly. And if you get pulled over and ticketed for a speeding violation, your record won’t say that you received a ticket for going 45 in a 40 mile per hour zone. It will say you got ticketed for speeding. And your insurance agent will look at that word and either max out your credit card or send you out the door.

It stays on your record for years, so you don’t want to let being in a hurry for one day effect you for so long. If you do get a speeding ticket, though, take it to court and see if you can get it dismissed. If that doesn’t work, you might be able to get it to drop off your record by taking a defensive driving course.


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