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Speedometer Stopped Working

Hi Austin:

My husband changed my electronic speed sensor on my Honda but my speedometer still does not work. He also changed my brake pads today any connection?

It’s been a year since it was not working but I could gauge my speed because it would go to 10 and that was 40 miles and 20 would be 60 miles but two weeks ago it went haywire and stopped. Any suggestions?

Thank you–gale


Hi there Gale,

The speed sensor is located behind the instrument cluster in the dash. The speedometer is part of that instrument cluster. If you replaced that speed sensor and you still have problems you could have a problem with the instrument cluster itself. Do you have a speedometer repair shop in your area?

I would look in the phone book and see if you do and take the vehicle to them or give them a call. We would replace the sensor in my shop, but if there was still a problem we would send the entire car to a speedometer place for further repair.

I don’t think the brake pad installation had anything to do with it….you said the speedometer has been out for a year, and the brake pads where recently replaced?


Austin Davis

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