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Dear Sir,

My name is Savitha. My car stopped completely, due to starter problem. I took my car to one of the auto mechanic he put a new starter. I got my car from the auto mechanic yesterday.

Yesterday when I started the car, I heard a stranger noise like scratching on something. I felt very strange, there is no problem in driving, its very smooth, but the noise is bothering me. I feel that the starter is not install properly. Please advise by return email.

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Hey there Savitha

If you hear this noise……like a metal to metal type of noise ONLY when you start the engine, I would assume there is a problem with the starter motor or the installation of the motor.

Yes, you should take it back immediately and have the mechanic re-check the repair. Continuing to make this noise will only cause damage to the starter which will probably void your warranty.


Austin Davis


Thank you so much for your reply.


I took my car back to my auto mechanic to fix the starter. He got a new starter, but that also my car rejects. Then finally he told that he is going to rebuild my old car starter and put in my car.

When I cross checked the new starter it has no name or number, like my old starter, so I told the mechanic that there is no name or number on the new starter that’s why the car is rejecting the new part and making a metal tearing noise.

Please advice now my auto mechanic is rebuilding my old car starter for my car, is it going to work


Hello again,

Yes, rebuilding your old starter will work just fine. They can take it apart and replace the worn out pieces inside. Many companies do this, and resell these starters as “rebuilt”. Buying a rebuilt starter is standard practice, but this time the rebuilt starter will be your old one and not someone else’s old one.

I assume the noise problem is because he is using cheap starters or he needs to “shim” the starter to fit the engine flywheel. They sell these starter shims at the local auto parts store, but if you use the correct part….and good quality part you should not need to shim it to fit unless it came with a shim from the factory.


Austin Davis

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